Welcome to St Paul's Theological College Malaysia

St Paul’s Theological College Malaysia (SPTC), is a young, vibrant theological college in the centre of Kuala Lumpur. We are an affiliate of St Mellitus College, one of the most exciting and innovative places to study theology and to train for ministry in the UK.

SPTC is dedicated to helping Christians explore their faith deeply, combining academic excellence, a focus on missional leadership and the flexibility to fit around busy lifestyles. We work within a spirit of generous orthodoxy, welcoming all kinds of Christians and denominations, working together to be effective in engaging in mission and evangelism.

What We Offer

We offer two main courses, one for anyone wishing to work towards a degree (BA in Theology, Ministry and Mission) and another course building on the first for anyone seeking ordination in the Anglican Church or wishing to go into full-time church ministry in another denomination. 

Undergraduate Theology

Our first cohort started in September 2016. We offer an undergraduate course in Theology which takes place on Thursday evenings, as well as five Intensive Teaching Weeks throughout the year. One year's study leads to a certificate, two years' study leads to a diploma, and the third year earns the degree: a BA in Theology, Ministry, and Mission.

This is the perfect option for anyone living or working in KL or the surrounding areas who wants to further their understanding and to deepen their faith. Our next intake is August 2019. You may submit an enquiry form for more information or to discuss how the course works. There will also be open days in the upcoming months where you can come and experience the college. 

Ordination Training

Building on the above degree, mixed-mode ordination training combines academic study that is as stretching as can be found anywhere, alongside practical engagement in ministry (including growing, planting, and fresh expressions of church) under experienced leadership. Students will study with us and practise ministry in their local church or context as an alternative to residential training. The Church-Based Ordination Training offers a unique opportunity to combine theology with practice. On this mission-focused course, students undertake one half of their learning ‘on the job’ in a local church or mission context, and the other half in the classroom, learning all the time how to relate them to each other.

Alongside the placement learning and Thursday evening theological classes, Formation Training focussing on character, leadership, and ministry, takes place on Thursday afternoons. 

The course is flexible for both part-time and full-time students, with full-time students working in their ministry placement full-time, and part-time students engaged in other employment. 

Example week structure:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Morning Placement
Afternoon Formation Placement
Evening Private Study* Theology

This leaves the student with 4 days (+1 day's rest) in either paid employment or further placement experience.

(*Private Study can be at anytime)

BA in Theology, Ministry, and Mission

Teaching is provided on-site by academic teaching staff via video link to St Mellitus College in the UK and by local and visiting lecturers. We also bring in a number of practitioners and leaders from other fields to help develop our ordinands’ capacity for effective and healthy church leadership in the future.

Students working towards the BA in Theology, Ministry and Mission initially study modules including Foundations for Theology and Ministry, Biblical Studies, Doctrine, Ethics, Spirituality and Discipleship, Evangelism and Church History.  Students also take a module focused on the interface between theology and practice involving research on an area of mission or ministry in their local context. In the final phase of the BA (Hons) degree course, students use their theological learning to examine issues and themes relating to contemporary life and ministry, including Missiology, Apologetics, Inter-faith Engagement and Political Theology. There are further Biblical Studies modules. Term dates and module information can be found by clicking here.