If you would like to apply for the BA in Theology, Mission, and Ministry August 2020 intake please apply using the application form below. As part of the application process, you will need to write a book review of 500 words as well as attend an interview with the SPTC team. Once your application has been submitted, you will receive instructions on the book review and interview. We look forward to reading your application.

*You may find it helpful to write your answers out in a separate document and copy and paste them into this form as if the page reloads before submission, you will lose any prior progress.

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Please give your nationality, as recorded on your passport. Please be aware that we cannot currently sponsor student visas for those from outside Malaysia. Anyone wishing to study with us must be able to secure a visa to study for the duration of the course being applied for independently of SPTC. Please contact if you have any questions about this.
The College encourages you to disclose any disability/medical condition which could disadvantage your ability to study. All offers are made on academic grounds only and the information you submit will be used to help St Paul's Theological College provide appropriate support.
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We offer two courses: an Independent (BA) Track for anyone wishing to work towards a degree (BA in Theology, Ministry and Mission) and another course (Ordination Track) that builds on the first for anyone seeking ordination in the Anglican Church or wishing to go into full time church ministry in another denomination.
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Educational and Professional Background
Please list all existing degree/s and/or other professional qualifications you have been awarded, if any, in the format award / subject / grade / institution / year, including any formal undergraduate or postgraduate theological training.
Ideally someone in Church leadership, EG Vicar, small group leader, Pastor
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Placement - Ordination applicants only
Students studying with us must be able to practise ministry in their local church or context as an alternative to residential training. The Placement-Based Ordination Training offers a unique opportunity to combine theology with practice. We encourage bi-vocational applicants, as students undertake one half of their learning ‘on the job’ in a local church or mission context, and the other half in the classroom. This allows students to engage in paid employment while learning to relate theology with practice. In addition to being able to engage in ministry on a Sunday, Ordination candidates must also dedicate one day of learning in the classroom (Thursday afternoons and nights).
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Supervisor/Placement Details - Ordination Applicants Only
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You may be asked to engage in some form of preparation before you begin the course, e.g., spiritual direction or prayer ministry. By checking the box below, you acknowledge that your Senior Pastor, Character and Academic Referees are willing to be contacted by St Paul’s Theological College Malaysia *