Alumni Mentor Programme

Alumnus who would like to mentor upcoming students are welcome to contact us at alumni@sptc.my.


Alumni Benefits

Alumni will have access to SPTC guest speakers and Alumni Open Days. Please opt into our ongoing newsletter to stay up to date about professional development and networking opportunities.


Access to Library

Access to the SPTC library will be granted to the alumni for a small annual fee of RM 50. This contribution will go towards growing our library. Please email us at alumni@sptc.my if this interests you.


Alumni Scholarship Fund

Those who are interested in sponsoring a student or supporting the college in any way can contact us at alumni@sptc.my.


Alumni Network

We want to encourage the spirit of working in communities even beyond SPTC. If you who would like to stay connected and hear about future gatherings, please fill out the form below.


Alumni Volunteer Opportunities

For alumni who are interested in putting together a volunteer opportunity with the support of the college, please contact us at alumni@sptc.my.